Smart Lighting SwitchLighting atmosphere
Smart Lighting Switch

Networking light switch (Rainbow)

Working parameters

Zero fire access, AC100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz or DC 12V 200mA (for central control network control)

Control mode

4-way 10A relay, maximum load of each way is 4a, total load is less than 14a, 220V output / 4-way 10A relay, with COM interface, can be mixed with strong and weak output control

Load parameters

LED lamp ≤ 300W, daytime running lamp ≤ 600W, incandescent lamp ≤ 800W

Networking mode

Wired RS485, wireless S-bus 2.4G, wireless WiFi

Touc-hscreen type

Capacitive touch

12V external power supply


Key feedback


Screen backlight

8 colors, button independent custom

Key content

Custom laser engraving

Dry contact scenario

Two dry contact input detection, with two trigger scenarios

Infrared control

Can control infrared equipment (such as: air conditioning, video)

Working humidity


working temperature

-10℃~ +50℃

Installation requirements of bottom box

86x86mm, depth 50mm

Frame material

Arc aluminum alloy frame (dark gray) + magnetic glass (carving)