Ceiling Sensor
Ceiling Sensor

UFO sensor switch

Working parameters

DC 12~24V (65mA)

Probe parameters

Panasonic high performance long distance probe

Detection range

12 meters, 100 degrees

Communication mode

Through RS485 and siwanqi switch wired network (hand in hand in series), through ZigBee HA and Sensor SE wireless network

Wireless docking

1. It can be linked with multiple probes max. 2. It can be linked with up to 6 Sensor SE. 3. It can be linked with up to 4 wireless door magnets / window magnets

12V external power supply


Dry contact input detection

2 channels (trigger detection scene)

Dry contact output control

1-way 1a (normally open and normally closed)

Photometric sensing


Temperature sensing


Installation method

Ceiling (suggestion)

Scene function

It can enter the scene (with people) and leave the scene (without people). The scene can be linked with lighting, curtains, dimming and air conditioning

Delay time setting

The countdown time before nobody leaves the scene can be set, 5 seconds - 5 hours

Probe switch

The probe detection can be turned on or off by setting the scene key or master key of the switch

Other functions

Max and Max can achieve synchronous unified work, Max and Se can achieve synchronous master-slave work


One 360 degree, one 180 degree and one 90 degree cap respectively