Cutting-edge technology, focusing on France-2010 French Smart Equipment Exhibition


         The French "Smart Device Exhibition" ended on November 18, 2010. At this exhibition, exhibitors from smart homes, hotels, architecture and others gathered in the romantic capital-Paris, France. Our company carries the brand "Savekey" as one of the exhibitors of the exhibition. From the design of the exhibition to the display of samples, "Savekey" emphasizes the company's professionalism and focus, and strives to bring the most real and intuitive intelligence to the guests. The switch display scene has attracted the attention of businesses. Throughout the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visiting merchants, and they stopped at the "Savekey" booth at the same place. The company took this opportunity to fully exhibit the convenient, practical, high-quality and stylish intelligent switch system unique to "Savekey" to the merchants. The products have won a lot of order opportunities and highlighted the company's high-quality service philosophy of people-oriented and customer-first.

        "Savekey" has added a lot to the entire French exhibition. With this opportunity, the "Savekey" brand has been promoted to the international high-end intelligent market thanks to the abundant resource advantages of overseas markets!